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Bingo centre operator

Bingo centre operators need to be aware of the standard rules of bingo (PDF, 425KB) as stated under the Gambling Regulation Act 2003

There are three different types of bingo, which is defined by the range of numbers available to be drawn and the type of ticket used. For more information, refer to the approved versions of bingo.

Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct

Commercial bingo must complete a statement of adoption confirming that an approved Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct has been formally adopted. For further information, see Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct.  

There are certain directions that bingo centre operators must follow as approved by the Commission, refer to VCGLR directions and guidelines for more information.

The bingo information sheet (PDF, 372KB) includes details about how to conduct a bingo session and the responsibilities of people involved in bingo. Refer to the database to find the current list of bingo centre operators.

Bingo centre returns

If you are a bingo centre operator, you will be required to submit a return covering all sessions of bingo conducted by the bingo centre each financial year. Please see, bingo centre returns for more information.