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A single 10-year licence for Keno was awarded to Tabcorp Investments No.5 Pty Ltd.

The 10-year Keno licence commenced on 15 April 2012. Over the term of this licence, Tabcorp Investments will be authorised to conduct and distribute Keno games in eligible hotels, clubs and wagering outlets throughout Victoria, and have the right to offer approved simulated racing games.

Keno is a rapid-draw game in which a set of numbers is drawn through a random number generator from a pool of numbers. The numbers are then posted electronically in venues.

The Keno licence and agreement (PDF, 1.4MB) between the state and Tabcorp Investments is available for download.

On 5 April 2012, the Minister for gaming amended this agreement:

On 18 February 2015, the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation amended the Keno Agreement to facilitate the Keno linked jackpot arrangements approved on 31 October 2014:

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation has provided technical standards and guidelines that must be met for the implementation of a Keno system in Victoria. To view this standard, please go to Standards for gaming machine operators

For more information about Keno, please see the frequently asked questions (PDF, 210KB). If you would like to see the code of conduct, go to Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct.

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