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Wagering and betting

A single 12-year wagering and betting licence has been awarded to Tabcorp Wagering as part of the Gambling Arrangements 2012. This new arrangement came into effect in August 2012. The licensee will offer on-course and off-course wagering and betting on racing, sports and other approved events. The licensee will also offer approved simulated racing games and be able to operate a betting exchange.

Additional resources

In accordance with section 4.3A.14 of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 (the Act), the Wagering and betting licence (PDF, 2.4MB) and the Related agreement (PDF, 7.4MB) are now available for download.

The 'Wagering and betting licence and related agreement' was amended by the Minister for Gaming and published on 17 February 2012. The amended agreement (PDF, 1.3MB) is available for download. 

A standard for the wagering and betting system, the Wagering and betting system requirements - April 2012 (PDF, 538KB) is published in accordance with section 10.1.5A (2)(a) of the Act is also available for download.