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Manufacturers, suppliers and testers

Any person who intends to manufacture, supply or provide testing services of gambling equipment and systems in Victoria is required to apply to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) for approval to be listed on the Roll of Manufacturers, Suppliers and Testers (the Roll).

Complete the application form, Listing on the roll of manufacturers, suppliers and testers (PDF, 484KB) if you wish to be listed on the Roll.

Financiers are not prohibited from, and do not require VCGLR approval to provide finance for the operation of a gaming venue, including the purchase of gaming machines and gaming machine entitlements.

Should a venue operator default on a loan that is secured solely against gaming machines, a financier can possess and sell those gaming machines for use in Victoria without being listed on the Roll or holding a venue operator’s licence. For more information, see Financing gaming machine purchases.

Associated individual or entity of the Roll listee

You will need to obtain approval from the VCGLR, if you are an associated individual or an associated entity of a company listed on the Roll or applying to be listed.

Download and complete the relevant application form below.

Roll of Manufacturers, Suppliers and Testers

For a list of companies that are listed on the Roll, please see the Roll of Manufacturers, Suppliers and Testers (database). 


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