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Tougher bans on cash machines in gaming venues

On 1 July 2012, laws were introduced to extend the ban on automatic teller machines (ATMs) in gaming venues. Gaming venues cannot provide, or allow someone to provide, access to ATMs in approved venues.

The ban was extended to apply to any cash access device that does not require the customer to interact with venue staff before any decision to withdraw cash is made by the customer.

This was in response to new cash dispensing machines designed to get around the ban on ATMs in gaming venues. The ban plays an important part in minimising gambling-related harm.

The ban still allows cash withdrawal of $200 per transaction to be made at gaming venues where there is face-to-face interaction with staff, as occurs through traditional EFTPOS facilities.

These measures provide patrons an opportunity to take a break from gaming before accessing cash from an ATM or similar cash facility.

The Productivity Commission’s 2010 Report into gambling found that face-to-face interaction when making a withdrawal is less risky as it can deter problem gamblers from withdrawing large sums of money.

Further information is available in the Changes to rules for ATMs and approved gaming venues information sheet (PDF, 336KB).


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