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Victoria Police

Victoria Police's role in liquor licensing includes:

  • assessing liquor licence applications
  • enforcing liquor laws
  • monitoring of licensed premises on an ongoing basis
  • participating in liquor licensing forums and accords.

Objections from Victoria Police

Victoria Police may lodge an objection against an application on the grounds that:

  • the applicant is unsuitable to hold a liquor licence
  • granting the application licence would detract from the amenity of the locality (for example, through noise or undesirable patron behaviour)
  • it may lead to misuse or abuse of alcohol
  • there are other matters relating to the application that are of concern to the Chief Commissioner of Police.

Enforcement of liquor laws

Victoria Police have responsibility for the ongoing enforcement of liquor laws. 

Ongoing monitoring of licensed premises

Victoria Police also play a significant role in addressing issues of concern in the ongoing operation of licensed premises, and take part in local liquor licensing forums. Visit the Liquor licensing forums and accords page for more information.


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