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New entrant training

Holding a liquor licence is a privilege, not a right, and selling alcohol comes with very real and serious obligations. New entrant training is one way licensees can fully understand their obligations under Victoria’s liquor licensing laws.

There are two courses that applicants may be required to complete, new entrant training and Responsible Service of Alcohol.

Section 44 of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 (the Act) allows that the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation may refuse to grant an application if the applicant or transferee does not have an adequate knowledge of the Act.

Licence applicants are required to complete one of the below new entrant training courses. Select the course title link that applies to you.

Achieve Liquor Licence Compliance

Licensee training course provided by Somers Elite Training including Responsible Service of Alcohol if required. 

Club Seminar

Course provided by Good Sports - only available for restricted club licence and renewable limited (club) licence applicants.

Licensee Compliance Certificate

Course provided by Franklyn Scholar including a Responsible Service of Alcohol course if required.

Licensees' First Step

Course offered by a number of registered training organisations including a Responsible Service of Alcohol course if required.

Victorian Licensee's Training Course

Course offered by Hospitality Training Australia.



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