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Responsible Service of Alcohol Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training in Victoria. If a question is not answered below, please contact the VCGLR by email or by phone 1300 182 457.


Do licensees have to undertake RSA training?

Applicants for the following licence types - or for the transfer of an existing licence or permit - must have completed an approved RSA course or online refresher course prior to a licence being granted:

  • general
  • on-premises
  • packaged liquor
  • late night (general, on-premises and packaged liquor)
  • restaurant and cafe
  • full club
  • restricted club
  • wine and beer producer's
  • renewable limited (only when face-to-face sales occur).

The list below identifies the individuals will need to complete an RSA training course. If applying as:

  • individuals - all natural persons
  • partnerships - all partners
  • body corporate (companies, incorporated associations, cooperatives and municipal councils) - the person who is or who will be in management and control of the licensed premises and who will run the day-to-day operations of the business. Note: The VCGLR requires the name of this person as part of the application.
Is it compulsory to have an RSA qualification?

RSA certification is mandatory for licensees and staff selling, offering or serving liquor for general, on-premises, late night and packaged liquor licences. 

It is also compulsory in other situations where there is a condition on the liquor licence requiring the employment of RSA trained staff or if you are applying for a new liquor licence.

Note, a person under the age of 18 can obtain an RSA qualification but must wait until they are 18 to use it. For more information about underage persons on licensed premises visit Young people and the liquor law.

Licensees and staff subject to mandatory RSA requirements have one month from the date on which they first sell, offer for sale or serve liquor on the licensed premises to complete an RSA program. The certification is valid for three years; a free RSA online refresher course must be completed within three years of completing the last RSA program.

Can I use my interstate RSA certificate  in Victoria?

If you have completed an RSA course in another state of Australia, you can apply to do a bridging course through the VCGLR’S RSA online refresher. Once you have completed the online refresher course your RSA certificate will be recognised in Victoria. However, to apply to do the bridging course, your interstate RSA certificate must meet the following criteria:   

  • not older than three years
  • approved by that state or territory liquor licensing authority
  • permits the holder of the qualification to work in any class/type of licensed premises
  • the original RSA certificate was attained through face-to-face training.

If your interstate RSA certificate does not meet the above criteria, your application to complete the bridging course will be declined.

Can I use my Victorian RSA certificate interstate?

Liquor legislation differs in each state and territory. You will have to check with the licensing authority in that state. 

Please see the list of interstate liquor licensing authorities below. 

Australian Capital Territory Office of Regulatory Services
New South Wales Liquor Administration Board
Northern Territory Department of Business
Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation
South Australia Consumer and Business Services
Tasmania The Liquor and Gaming Branch
Western Australia Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor
Can a licensee be granted an exemption from the requirement to undertake RSA training?

The VCGLR has the discretion to exempt some licensees from the requirement to undertake Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training.

The VCGLR may either exempt a licensee or class of licensees without an application or may grant an application for an exemption. 

An exemption form can be found on the Exemption from RSA training requirements.

Do licensees need to keep a record of RSA training?

Licensees subject to the RSA training requirement will need to maintain an up-to-date RSA program register. This register must be readily accessible and available for inspection, and  record the following:

  • name of the licensee and all serving staff or if the licensee is a body corporate, the name of the person responsible for management of the premises
  • a copy of the RSA certificate or most recent refresher course acknowledgement, completed within the past three years
  • the date on which each person first sold, offered for sale or served liquor on the licensed premises.
Where can I  undertake RSA training?

You must complete an initial approved face-to-face RSA training program. Subsequently to remain certified you must complete the free RSA online refresher course within three years of completing your last RSA program.

Many Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) are approved to deliver the face-to-face course in Victoria. For a complete list of RTOs that deliver the approved course, refer to the Responsible Service of Alcohol training page.

I have lost my original RSA certificate, how do I get a reprint?

If you require a reprint of your RSA certificate, contact the VCGLR by phoning 1300 182 457 or email

There is a charge of $16.50 (including GST) for a replacement certificate. 

I have lost my original RSA certificate, can I still do the RSA online refresher course?

To login and complete the refresher you will need the certificate number from your original certificate. If you do not know your certificate number please call us on 1300 182 457 and we can look you up in the database.

Once completed a refresher certificate will be generated which you can use as evidence of completion of the RSA.

If I've lost my original RSA certificate; is the RSA refresher certificate still a valid RSA certificate?
The RSA refresher certificate is considered the most recent RSA certificate and as such meets the requirements of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 and VCGLR.
I have changed my name, and wish to update my Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate. How do I do this?

Currently, it is not a legal requirement to change the name on your Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate.

However, should you wish to change it, please contact the VCGLR by phoning 1300 182 457. You will need to mail a copy of the appropriate identification documents (such as marriage certificate or statutory declaration) to:

Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation
GPO Box 1988
Melbourne VIC 3001