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Reduce or waive renewal fee

Liquor fees are a standard business cost for all licensees, and as such all licensees should factor this fee into their business planning. 

If you wish to reduce your licence renewal fee, there are a number of options that you should consider.

  • Do you have the right category of licence? You should consider whether a licence category with a lower renewal fee would better suit your business. Please refer to the 'Variation to category of licence' (PDF, 1.63 MB) application kit.
  • Should you reduce your trading hours? If you hold a late night (general), late night (on-premises), general, on-premises, packaged liquor or late night (packaged liquor) licence, you could consider reducing your trading hours to avoid the operating hours risk fee.
  • Should you reduce your venue capacity? If you hold a late night (general) or late night (on-premises) licence, you can consider reducing your patron numbers to reduce or remove the venue capacity multiplier.

If your business is facing difficulties, you may consider investigating the range of business supports available in Victoria, including:

  • Business Victoria can assist business owners to make decisions about their future. If business owners have any questions about re-establishing their business, or alternatively using their existing business skills to establish a new business, contact Victoria Business Line 13 22 15 or go to the Business Victoria website.
  • Small Business Mentoring Service is an independent, not-for-profit organisation providing experienced business mentors to Victorian businesses, including those facing challenging times. You can contact the service on 13 22 15 or visit

As a last resort, the VCGLR has the power to waive or reduce licence fees in certain circumstances. If you wish to apply for a waiver or reduction of your licence renewal fee, you will need to complete the Waiver or reduction of a renewal fee application form (PDF, 728 KB) and return it to the VCGLR.

You should note that the VCGLR will take a range of factors into account in deciding whether to grant a waiver or reduction, including (but not limited to):

  • whether you have taken the opportunity to reduce your patron numbers or trading hours to reduce your fee
  • your compliance history. If one or more non-compliance incidents have been recorded against your licence for the previous period, the VCGLR is unable to grant you a waiver or reduction of your renewal fee.

You should also note that a fee reduction or waiver is designed to provide licensees with a once-off assistance in exceptional circumstances. If you were previously granted a fee waiver or reduction, the VCGLR will take this into account if in future years you make another application for a fee waiver or reduction.


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