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Licensee resources

Information and resources for liquor licensees.

Application kits

Application forms and kits that will assist you to apply, transfer, vary or renew your liquor licence.

Liquor Licences and Applications Online

Provides information on the status of liquor licences in Victoria.


You will find a range of information and resources including application kits, fact sheets and guidelines.

Required signage

There are notices that must be displayed in a licensed premises.

Additional signage for licensed premises

Additional signage that you may wish to display in your licensed venue.

Equal Opportunity Act

Information from the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission about licensees responsibilities under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 and preventing discrimination at work. 

Drink spiking on licensed premises

Information on what drink spiking is and what licensees should do if an incident occurs on their licensed premises.

Getting along with local residents

Information about how licensees can maintain a positive relationship with their neighbours and local residents.


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