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Apply for a liquor licence

Any person or organisation that intends to supply liquor in Victoria must apply for a licence. The type of licence required will depend on the type of applicant and how they wish to supply the liquor.

If you know which licence you require, select the relevant option below and you will be guided to the right application. If you are not sure about which licence or permit is right for you, see Select your licence below.

Distillation of alcohol

Under Australian laws, it is illegal to use a still (of any capacity) to distil alcohol, for example spirits, without an excise manufacturer licence from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Penalties may apply. It is also illegal to buy, make, possess, or sell a still without permission from the ATO if it has a capacity over five litres. 

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Select your licence 

If you are not sure about which licence or permit is right for you, this tool will help guide you to the right application.

Temporary licences

If you are holding a one-off event, or a limited series of events, or you have an existing licence or permit and need to extend your trading hours for a special event.

Permanent licences

Describes the various permanent licences available for businesses other than clubs to supply alcohol.

Club licences

Describes the various liquor licences available to clubs.

BYO permits

Describes the various permits available to allow people to bring their own liquor and consume it on the premises.

Late night licences

Describes the various licences available to authorise the supply of alcohol after 1am.

Minor business exemption

If you run one of the following businesses, you may be exempt from holding a liquor licence:

  • bed and breakfast
  • hairdresser
  • florist or gift service
  • butcher
  • cruise ships
  • hospital, residential care services and retirement villages.

To find out if you are eligible, please see Minor business exemption


Find out how you can object to a liquor licence application.




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