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Select the right liquor licence

Factors to consider

Some of the issues that may influence which licence is right for you include:

  • The licence time period - Do you require the licence for a one-off occasion, a limited period or an ongoing basis?
  • Where the alcohol will be consumed - Consider whether the alcohol is to be consumed on the licensed premises or taken away.
  • Council requirements as to land use - The local council can place restrictions on how premises may be lawfully used. Your proposed use of the premises must adhere to these restrictions.
  • Your business intentions - For example, if you wish to open a restaurant, do you plan to sell alcohol or merely allow patrons to bring their own? Do you intend to open a bar or nightclub, a pub with a bottle shop or merely supply alcohol at your club's functions?

Look at the scenarios below and select the section that best reflects the way you want to be authorised to supply alcohol. You will then be guided to the most appropriate licence application procedure.

Temporary licences

Select this section if you wish to hold:

  • a one-off event
  • a one-off event with extended trading hours
  • a series of events over 3 months or less.

Limited scale and scope

Select this section if you only want to supply alcohol in a substantially restricted or limited scale or scope such as:

  • limited trading hours or days
  • limited or specialised range of products
  • limited or specialised means of delivery.

On-premises and take away

Select this section if you want to sell liquor for people to both:

  • consume on the premises and
  • purchase to take away.


Select this section for clubs that want to supply liquor to members and guests of members (e.g. sporting club, membership club, etc).

On-premises consumption

Select this section, if you want to sell alcohol for consumption only on licensed premises and not for people to buy to take away (e.g. a bar, night club, restaurant, cafe, etc).

Packaged liquor

Select this section, if you want to sell packaged liquor on a retail basis for people to consume away from the licensed premises (e.g. licensed supermarket, stand-alone bottle shop, etc).

Bring Your Own

Select this section, if you only want to allow people to bring their own alcohol to your club or restaurant.

Note: If you are a restaurant operator and want to sell alcohol as well as allow people to bring their own, you should select the on-premises section.

Wholesale supply

Select this section if you want to supply alcohol on a wholesale basis to other licensees.

Winery or brewery

Select this section if you operate a winery or brewery.

Internet or mail order

Select this section, if you want to sell alcohol by mail order or on the Internet either as:

  • an ongoing business
  • a one-off sale.

Minor business exemption

If you run one of the following businesses, you may be exempt from holding a liquor licence:

  • bed and breakfast
  • hairdresser
  • florist or gift service
  • butcher
  • cruise ships
  • hospital, residential care services and retirement villages.


To find out if you are eligible, please see Minor business exemption.


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