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Special conditions and requirements

Some licensed premises require special conditions to suit their business model over and above the standard licence conditions. This page summarises the current set of special conditions that require additional application procedures or notifications to form part of the liquor licence application.

Large scale dance or music events

The requirements for those wishing to hold a licence for a large scale dance or music event.

Underage events

Licensing requirements for holding an event for underage patrons on a licensed premises.

Dry areas

Special conditions and considerations where a licence application is in a dry area.

Sexually explicit entertainment

Conditions and requirements for licensees who provide sexually explicit entertainment on their licensed premises.

Security camera standards

Minimum standards for licensed venues that are required to have a surveillance recording system.

Wholesale Sales Data - collecting and reporting

Alcohol wholesalers are required to keep records of, and report on, sales to licensed outlets and retailers.


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