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Standard licensee obligations

All licences granted in Victoria have a set of standard obligations that a licence holder must meet in order to comply with the requirements of the licence. This page summarises the standard obligations.

Serving intoxicated patrons

Licensees need to be aware of their obligations in relation to serving intoxicated patrons.

Record keeping requirements

Licensees have an obligation to keep certain records on the premises at all times and/or display certain records or posters on the premises.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

There is a mandatory requirement for certain licences to have staff trained in the Responsible Service of Alcohol program.

Underage patrons on licensed premises

There are strict rules around allowing underage patrons on licensed premises.

Responsible alcohol advertising and promotions

Principles that licensees need to follow when promoting alcohol.

Required signage in licensed premises

There are notices that must be displayed in a licensed premises.

Free drinking water for patrons

Free drinking water needs to be made available to patrons in licensed premises where the alcohol is consumed onsite.

ANZAC Day trading restrictions

See the restrictions on trading on ANZAC Day.

Barring problem customers

Learn about the various ways in which licensees can bar problem customers from their premises.


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