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Request to change or cancel a barring order

A person who has been served a barring order ('barred person') can request that the barring order be changed or cancelled by the person who served it to them. A barred person could also make a request to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (the Commission) to change or cancel the barring order.

If you are a barred person and would like the barring order to be changed or cancelled, you should contact the person who issued the order to request having it changed or cancelled. This is because the person who issued the barring order will have a better understanding of why it was issued, and so any changes are best made by that person.

The Commission’s power to change or cancel a barring order is not an appeals process. Instead, it is intended that this power will be used to make changes such as, in instances where a barring order has been issued in an incorrect name or the barred person’s address is incomplete or incorrect.

To lodge a request with the Commission to change or cancel a barring order or for more information about the process, download the Request by a Barred Person to Change or cancel a Barring Order (PDF, 336KB)


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