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The VCGLR publishes a range of data and information on this website on a regular basis. Frequently requested data can be found below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please follow the process for requesting data or information from the VCGLR.

All media enquiries should be made to the Strategic Communications Manager: email or phone (03) 9098 5133.

Use of data and information provided on this website is subject to VCGLR Copyright and Disclaimer terms and conditions.

Liquor data

Interactive map of Victoria's liquor licences - the easy-to-use online map allows you to search by street address, suburb or town, licence number or category.

Victorian liquor licences by category - a monthly record of the number of liquor licences active in Victoria, arranged by licence category. 

Victorian liquor licences by location -  a monthly record of the active liquor licences in Victoria, broken down by local government area, suburb and postcode.

Can I find out licensee details for a particular venue or licensed premises?

Current liquor and gambling licensee details are available to the public online at find a current liquor licence. Licensees are listed by licence number, premises name and address.

The VCGLR also provides an interactive map of current active licences. You can search for current licences by location or address, category or type and for dual liquor and gambling license holders.

Can I find out current licensee contact details?
The VCGLR provides a listing of current Victorian liquor licenses by location (see above). This list is updated monthly and provides the licence category, number, licensee name (including trading name), address, mailing address and relevant local council. The VCGLR does not provide phone numbers of licensees.
Can I find out the name and contact details of previous licensees?

Although the VCGLR hold records pertaining to previous licensees, release of them may involve privacy considerations (Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014). Given this, the VCGLR’s process is to only release information of previous licensees with their consent or, if consent is unable to be sought, in accordance with an application under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

Read more about our Freedom of Information process.


Gambling data

Gaming venue details- provides details of all gaming venues within Victoria, including current year expenditure, venue location and classifications, licence and nominee details.

Local Government Area details – provides details of all Local Government Areas (LGAs) including identification of gaming venues within the LGA, mapping of geographical location of all venues, current year expenditure, venue location and classifications and licence and nominee details.

The VCGLR has recently changed the way gaming data is presented on this website. All of the data and information that could previously be found is still available by selecting one of the data categories below.

Each category has a ‘current’ data set, relating to the past three financial years, as well as a ‘historical’ data set, relating to the years prior to the past three financial years.

This change has been made to make the data sets easier to access and use.

Gaming expenditure by Local Government Area (LGA)

Released monthly, this data set provides information relating to the various LGAs throughout Victoria, primarily the region classification, total gaming expenditure and the number of EGMs and gaming venues per LGA.

Current gaming expenditure by LGA - monthly (Excel, 284KB)

Historical yearly expenditure 2002-2014 (Excel, 276KB) 

Historical yearly expenditure 2000-2003 (Excel, 173KB)

Historical yearly expenditure 1992-2000 (Excel, 190KB)

LGA population density and gaming expenditure statistics

Released annually, this data set includes population and expenditure breakdowns by LGA and gaming venue, demographic statistics, labor statistics and Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) LGA score and ranking per LGA.

Current LGA population density and gaming expenditure statistics (Excel, 311KB)

Historical LGA population density and gaming expenditure statistics (Excel, 260KB)

Gaming expenditure by venue

Released bi-annually, this data set provides information relating to the total expenditure and gaming venue information, including venue classification and the allocation of electronic gaming machines (EGMs) throughout Victoria.

Current gaming expenditure by venue (Excel, 496KB) 

Historical gaming expenditure by venue (Excel, 360KB)

Gaming Machine Entitlements

Venue operators may only operate gaming machines if they hold gaming machine entitlements.

Entitlements must be attached to a venue approved by the VCGLR for the number of machines the venue operator intends to operate.

Up to 27,500 gaming machine entitlements can be made available to venue operators. Each entitlement authorises venue operators to operate one gaming machine until 16 August 2022.

Entitlements register

Entitlements transfer register

Expression of Interest - gaming entitlements for sale

Can't find the data or information you are looking for?

Please read the process for requesting data or information held by the VCGLR.

Alternatively, you can suggest a dataset on the Victorian Government Data website.

The VCGLR is working to improve accessibility to its data and information in line with the organisation's strategic priorities and the Victorian Government’s DataVic Access Policy

If you would like a copy of any of these publications in a more accessible format, please email the VCGLR at or telephone 1300 182 457.



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