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Crown casino

The Casino Agreement between the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (the Commission) and Crown Melbourne Limited is an agreement entered into under Section 142 of the Casino Control Act 1991.

On 21 September 1993, the Commission entered into the Casino Agreement, and has since been varied 11 times (most recently 22 October 2007). The purpose of the Casino Agreement is to detail Crown Casino’s licence conditions.

Some key features of the Casino Agreement include:

  • obligations relating to the development and completion of the Melbourne Casino
  • conditions relating to the company structure of the casino operator
  • disclosure requirements for the casino operator
  • exclusivity undertakings, and
  • approval of games and operating practices.

If you would like to view the agreement, download the Casino agreement (PDF, 187KB). In the following document, the insertions and deletions in the tenth and eleventh variations are shown, Casino agreement 10th and 11th Marked (DOC, 294KB)

Casino Licence

In 19 November 1993 under Part 2 of the Casino Control Act 1991, the casino licence was granted to Crown Melbourne Limited. There have been four variations of the licence to date.

The licence includes:

  • terms and conditions on which the licence was granted
  • the initial Casino boundaries
  • the maximum and minimum numbers of gaming tables and electronic gaming machines allowed in Melbourne Casino
  • the requirement that Crown Melbourne Limited must comply with the Casino Management Agreement (see the Casino (Management Agreement) Act 1993) and the Casino Agreement.

For more information, download a copy of the Casino licence conditions (PDF, 2.4MB).

Casino operator and licence review

Under section 25 of the Casino Control Act 1991, the Commission is required to conduct a review of the casino operator, Crown Melbourne Limited, and its licence, at intervals not exceeding five years.

Download the Fifth review of the casino operator and licence (PDF, 4.5MB), or view previous casino reviews.

Amendments to approved casino games and rules

The Commission has made the following decisions in respect to applications to amend casino games and rules. For more information, download Notice under s60(1c) of the Casino Control Act 1991 - amendments to approved casino games and rules (PDF, 656KB).


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