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Sports betting

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) aims to foster the integrity of betting on sporting events by contributing to the development of sport by promoting fair information and revenue sharing between sports betting providers and sports controlling bodies. This is achieved by:

  • approving sporting and other non-racing events for betting purposes
  • enabling sporting organisations to apply to be approved as the sports controlling body for betting purposes on their sport
  • restricting sports betting providers from offering betting services on a previously approved sporting event, six months after a sports controlling body is approved for that sporting event without prior agreement with the approved sports controlling body
  • being empowered to prohibit particular contingencies considered inappropriate for betting purposes.

Sports controlling bodies

Sporting organisations can apply to the VCGLR to obtain approval as the sports controlling body for a sports betting event. To apply, access the Sports controlling body smart form. Once completed, print the form and either lodge by mail or in person. Applications must include all additional attachments as detailed in the application form along with the relevant application fees (PDF, 192KB).

You can find more information on our sports controlling bodies and sports controlling bodies reporting requirements pages.

Sports controlling bodies from other jurisdictions may apply to be recognised by the VCGLR. Download the application form (PDF, 130KB) and submit via post or email.

Sports betting providers

If you are a sports betting provider, you can take dispute resolution through the VCGLR when an agreement cannot be reached with an approved sports controlling body. For further enquiries, please contact the VCGLR on 1300 182 457 or by email


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