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Gambling legislation and regulations

The main objectives of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 are to:

  • foster responsible gambling in order to:
    • minimise harm caused by problem gambling
    •  accommodate those who gamble without harming themselves or others
  • ensure that:
    • minors are neither encouraged to gamble nor allowed to do so
    • gaming on gaming machines is conducted honestly
    • the management of gaming machines and gaming equipment is free from criminal influence and exploitation
    • other forms of gambling permitted under this or any other Act are conducted honestly and that their management is free from criminal influence and exploitation
    • community and charitable gaming benefits the community or charitable organisation concerned
    • practices that could undermine public confidence in community and charitable gaming are eliminated
    • bingo centre operators do not act unfairly in providing commercial services to community or charitable organisations
  • promote tourism, employment and economic development generally in the State.

For more information, see Gambling and gambling-related offences.

Acts and regulations

The acts and regulations listed below provide information for a range of specific matters in relation to gambling regulation and the gaming industry. The regulations complement the Gambling Regulation Act and provide further detail to give effect to the intentions of the Act.

Gambling Regulation Act 2003

Casino Control Act 1991

Casino (Management Agreement) Act 1993

Gambling Regulation (Pre-commitment) Regulations 2014

Gambling Regulations 2015

Gambling Regulation (Premium Customer) Regulations 2011

Casino Control (Boundary Redefinition Fee) Regulations 2005

Casino Control (Licence Fees) Regulations 2005

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