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All the information and resources you need to apply for a licence and keep your licence up-to-date.

New applicants

Information and resources about applying for a liquor licence. 

Existing licensees

Resources for existing liquor licence holders to apply for changes or variations to current licences, understand your ongoing obligations and other resources.

Education and training

Information for liquor licensees, clubs and hospitality staff about what training is required and where to go to undertake it. Resources are also available for Registered Training Organisations and trainers.

Standard licence obligations

All licences granted in Victoria have a set of standard obligations that a licence holder must meet in order to comply with the requirements of the licence.

Special conditions and requirements

Information about the current set of special conditions that require additional application procedures or notifications to form part of the liquor licence application.

Exemptions and approvals

In special circumstances, a licensee may apply for an exemption from a licence obligation, or an approval to allow an activity not permitted in the standard licence conditions. This page summarises the current set of exemptions and approvals available.

Forums and accords

Liquor forums and accords are established to facilitate the development of local solutions for local problems.

Search for a liquor licence or application

Find details of existing licences and applications.


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