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Apply for a temporary limited licence

In most circumstances, temporary limited licences are sought by persons, businesses, clubs or other organisations holding:

  • one-off events, such as a ball or presentation night
  • a one-off event requiring an extension of trading hours or the size of the licensed premises.

Read the Temporary limited licence fact sheet page for more information about when a temporary limited licence is required.

Please note: If your event is to be held outdoors, as part of your application you will need to provide a plan of your site with the proposed area to be licensed outlined in red.

Find out how to apply below.

Trading hours

You should specify the hours you desire to operate in your application form.

Please note that if you are seeking to trade past 1am, the VCGLR requires a minimum of 50 days to process the application. You will be required to display a public notice at the venue for 28 days. Victoria Police and the local council may review your application.

If you are seeking to trade past 1am in the municipalities of City of Yarra, City of Port Phillip, City of Melbourne (including Docklands), or City of Stonnington, you are also required to satisfy the VCGLR that:

  • your event is one of a significant cultural festival, a major tourist event, New Year's Eve, a major live music event, or a major charity event
  • the relevant local council supports your application
  • there is a venue management plan in place. 

For more information, visit Restrictions on applications for late night licences.

Other restrictions and entitlements

The following restrictions apply to the issuing of temporary limited licences:

  • a person or organisation may apply for temporary licences to cover a maximum of six one-off events at a venue over a 12-month period
  • a maximum of three events will be accepted per application
  • where an application is made for a series of events over a limited season, the season must extend for no longer than three months
  • an applicant must have the right to occupy the premises during the event or season nominated
  • a winery or boutique brewer may apply for a temporary limited licence to attend and sell wine at up to 12 farmer’s or craft markets in any one year under the one licence. For more information, see the Temporary limited licences for wine producers and boutique brewers fact sheet (PDF, 313 KB).
A temporary limited licence cannot be granted for events held at a premises used primarily by people under the age of 18 years. For example, indoor play centres.
Do you need a major event licence?

A major event licence applies to events that are likely to have a significant impact, such as those:

  • where you expect a large crowd (over 5,000 patrons) to attend
  • requiring significant regulatory enforcement effort or oversight
  • having a significant impact on the provision and organisation of public transport or emergency services
  • having a significant impact on public safety and/or the amenity of the area in which the event is to be held.

For further information visit Temporary or Major Event requirements.

Mandatory water requirements
Licensed venues that supply alcohol for consumption onsite are required to provide free drinking water to their patrons. It will be left to the discretion of the licensee how water is supplied. Failure to supply free drinking water will attract substantial fines. To find out more about these conditions, see Free drinking water for patrons.
Application fee
Information about the application fees associated with temporary limited licences can be found on our Liquor licence application fees page.

How to apply for a temporary limited licence


If you have a credit card, you may apply for a temporary limited licence online. 

Applications can now be made from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as traditional computers, 24 hours/day, seven days/week. All information transmitted via the portal is encrypted and secure.

Complete the online form at: apply for a temporary limited licence online

Applications for a limited licence should still be lodged at least eight weeks prior to the event as lodging an application does not automatically mean it will be approved. Certain applications need to be reviewed by Victoria Police and local councils, which have their own timeframes.

If you would like a copy of any of these publications in a more accessible format, please email the VCGLR at or telephone 1300 182 457.



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